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God has impressed upon my heart an amazing conference, Goshen Girl "Living the Best of Your Life". This conference is designed to mentor and empower women to live their best life in ministry, spirituality, and as entrepreneurs.  I believe it is our time to live the best of our lives. God spoke a prophetic word to me concerning Goshen and it has evolved into more than a message, it is a revelation of the timing of God concerning the church. 


Goshen was a place given to Jacob and his family during famine. Genesis 47:27 let's us know that they grew and prospered there as they multiplied exceedingly. As long as they were in Goshen they prospered. We believe that this is the season God has his Church in.  It's with the understanding of this prophetic dispensation that the Goshen Girl Conference has been conceived.  


~Apostle Samantha Bynum

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