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G.M.A. Candidates...


GMA is not for everybody. However it is has been designed specifically for three classes of people:


1) Those with knowledge of possessing a mandate for community, city, state, national and international IMPACT!


2) Those that desire an understanding of spiritual matters in greater depth and substance.


3) Those that desire understanding and instruction on “What To Do” and “What Not to Do” while being used in ministry.



GMA Mentor & Facilitator…


Apostle Samantha Bynum possesses 28+ years of ministry experience. This experience is not one-dimensional. She has served as a First Lady, Pastor, Church Planter, appeared on television and radio and raised many spiritual sons and daughters. Her vast knowledge and worldview has been honed by her extensive travel across the length and breadth of this country as well as extensive international travel.


Apostle Bynum is known for her ability to relate to people from all walks of life, no matter their station and status in life. From Presidents to children, she is gifted in this manner and believes that everyone has purpose, which fuels her to pour into those that desire to be and do better. This level of authenticity and relevance are all the result of her many experiences and mastery over the years from those experiences.


Apostle Bynum possesses a “mid-wife anointing” that provides the ability for her to guide you through every stage of the birthing process toward your God-given destiny. As a capable and competent mentor, she is diligent in her efforts to liberally share out of her abundant reservoir of wisdom and knowledge.


Apostle Bynum will instruct and mentor out of her personal experience accompanied with Biblical examples in a very candid way, to ensure the mentoring sessions are maximized for all mentoring particpants. This will result in dynamic teaching and impartation on how to build character, develop proper protocols for ministry and ultimately bring a deeper understanding of spiritual matters.


Prepare for IMPACT! It’s time.   

Mentoring by Apostle Samantha Bynum for those who believe they have a calling on their life or simply want to be perfected in there spiritual walk with God! 



11am  (Central)

12pm (Eastern)

8am (Mountain & Pacific)


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